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Who is ITOI Solutions and what do we do?


We're a young and talented group of entrepreneurs and software engineers with a suite of industry leading technology solutions. Our ambition is to assist businesses and organisations to utilise data and technology to bolster themselves with systems that can be used to make smarter, more informed, data driven business decisions.

Specialising in the integration of data systems and technology, we are able to create unique and relevant solutions for all types of organisations.

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Retail & Venue Analytics

Improve store performance with accurate foot traffic data. Optimize conversion, staff productivity, and more with real-time integration of foot traffic, point-of-sale, staffing data, and marketing calendars.

We design custom solutions for retail stores, shopping malls, pubs and clubs, hotels, casinos, leisure centres, factories, stadiums and banks, to city councils, commercial properties and not-for-profit organisations.

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Facial Recognition and Demographics

Accurate, fast, unbiased face recognition and additional computer vision features. Optimized to run on virtually any camera or camera-enabled devices with our SDKs. Our visual intelligence platform specialises in face and person-based computer vision, optimized for real-world performance. a new generation of products that employ best-in-class artificial intelligence and machine learning to enhance and secure our daily lives.

Independently tested and verified to be the best performer for live video, with 99.87% LFW (Labelled Faces in the Wild) accuracy with recognition speed under 100ms. Applications range from touchless access control, liveness (spoofing), surveillance - (VIP and Threat Detection), mask detection, demographics, mood sentiment and more.. SDKs allow us to operate and integrate with most existing infrastructure - seamlessly.

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Customer Engagement

Guest Wi-Fi, occupancy and location solutions for small-to-large format venues provide businesses with the most comprehensive, flexible and proven analytics platform which assists in getting to know customers, increase loyalty and generate revenue.

Ever wonder what your customer's experience was like during their visit? Collect critical information via the system’s micro-survey feature.

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Smart Security

Security Automation Made Easy

We specialise in :

  • CCTV systems.
  • Alarm systems.
  • Speedgates / access control.
  • EAS / RFID Systems.
  • Car Park / Number Plate recognition.
  • Attendance / Payroll Systems.
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Security Robot

Existing security tools do not produce the level of awareness and response that modern security executives require. This state of the art technology assists in addressing these problems with a fleet of robots and a team of remote Specialists. Get complete security coverage to a wide range of facility types, such as office spaces, warehouses, stadiums, and manufacturing plants. The robots, designed with people in mind, detect potential risks, augment the value of existing security, and allow remote Specialists to be “on-site”.

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Autonomous Floor Cleaning Robots

With a vision to lead the smart digital transformation of the service sectors, these autonomous floor cleaning robots bring the world’s most comprehensive commercial cleaning robot portfolio and empowers organisations to work smarter and live happier. Manage your facility through technology that saves cost and increases productivity while up-skilling your workforce. An industry leading suite of AI-integrated autonomous service robots includes commercial floor cleaning robots, indoor delivery robots and supplementary accessories like docking stations, cloud platform and application software. Achieve a spotless clean, every single time.

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Bar and Liquor Management

Our bar management solution provides the leading beverage control and dispensing solutions for the food & beverage industry, that allows you to track your performance and loss,and receive smart insights to boost your business. Get an overview of the bar, increasing serving flexibility and visibility of the products, reducing waste and minimizing time spent on inventory. The system focuses on providing the owner with a user friendly operation, a full understanding of product flow and a real-time inventory management platform.

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