Engagement made easy with Customer engagement solutions

Guest Wi-Fi, occupancy and location solutions for small-to-large format venues provide businesses with the most comprehensive, flexible and proven analytics platform which assists in getting to know customers, increase loyalty and generate revenue.

Ever wonder what your customer’s experience was like during their visit? Collect critical information via the system’s micro-survey feature.

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How does it work?

Influence visitor behavior, maximize customer engagement and boost profits

Create, organise and send automated messaging to visitors that are proven to enhance the experience and drive return rates with WiFi marketing. Visitors expect a personalized experience. Use the data collected via our captive Wi-Fi portal to tailor your visitor engagement with LogicFlow, our drag and drop marketing automation tool. Trigger specific communications based on visitor demographics and behaviors. For example, redirect visitors who visit your venue more than five times to a loyalty page on your website, or welcome your brand new visitors with an email or SMS message.

Advertise and promote your Wi-Fi (Free / Metered)

Multiple login options with custom branding Splashpage. Including weather and social connects.
  • Text / Email
  • Create time specific engagements.
  • Create custom categories according to demographics / visits.
  • Assign campaigns to specific geo-locations.
  • Engage beyond the campaign.
  • Drive loyalty and experience.

Full customer Journey