Liquor Management System

“The most efficient bar management system with accessible data in the cloud.
Get access to a complete overview of your business - any time, anywhere.”

How does it work?


Have absolute awareness and control of the liquor being dispensed from your venue.

Maximum security

  • Online control of every pour
  • 4 fixed portioning sizes
  • Controlling 1000+ spirits and wine brands
  • POS API for loss / balance reports.

Other features

  • Keyboard display shows sizes, products, and other relevant information
  • Cloud-based, POS connection, App alerts
  • Inventory management on each product. No limit on the number of products.
  • Robust design


This Digital pourer is an entirely new and revolutionary wireless portioning spout, designed for spirits and wine.

This device provides high security

  • Can store more than 1000 dispensing’s
  • Easy sealing of bottles
  • Bottle shift registration etc.
  • Complete flexibility – can dispense anywhere with full control. Including at tables indoors and outdoors, having a positive impact on liquor sales.
  • More dispensing sizes (e.g. 20ml, 25ml, 30ml, etc).

Other features

  • Display on the spout shows sizes, product and other information
  • Cloud based, POS connection
  • Wireless communication 2.4 ghz


Detailed dispensing overview of beer, post-mix syrup, bag-in-box wine, liquor and cocktails on draft.

Easy, complete overview

  • Full online control of all dispensing’s
  • Real-time stock management
  • ePOS Integration


  • Free pour
  • Up to four fixed sizes on each tap


  • Quality Monitoring
  • Temperature
  • Expiry
  • Cleaning


Find out about what stock needs ordering and how your venue is performing all on the go

Real-time stock

  • Online inventory
  • Purchase control
  • Empty keg or tank

All online

  • Big data & AI predicts sales, capacity, and detects suspicious activity
  • All in the cloud, available on your phone

Loss (consumption compared with sale)

  • Loss development: chosen time or monthly, daily etc.
  • Compare loss in bars, waiters and venues

Reports and overview

  • Overview of the temperatures and performance of the coolers
  • Daily report, advanced report, loss report, +100 pages
  • Track each pouring made: amount, timestamp etc.
  • Cleaning & maintenance overview