Door Counter and People Counting System

How does it work?

What is a Door Counter?

A door counter is also known as people counting system that is carefully installed inside the door to count foot traffic and the number of people entering and exiting through that door. The door counter provides important information and data taking the tech stack to the next level.

It is a visitor counter that records each entry and exit, giving useful information for businesses or stores by looking at track foot traffic data, monitoring occupancy levels, and analysing visitor patterns. This helps in upscaling your business to do better.

Types of Door Counting Technologies

AI Counters:

The use of artificial intelligence algorithms to analyze video footage and detect human presence, accurately counting people entering and exiting a door.

People Counting System:

Use sensors or cameras to detect motion or pressure changes, and count people who pass through a door based on predefined criteria.

Visitor Counter:

The number of visitors who enter or exit a building or specific area through a door is recorded, providing real-time data for traffic monitoring and management purposes.

3D Sensors:

The 3D sensor uses the depth-sensing technology to detect, identify and track people in 3 dimensions, giving you a very accurate counting of people passing through a door.

How Door Counters Work

Sensor Detection:

When someone walks through the doorway, sensors installed near the door detect movement or pressure changes.

Data Collection:

The sensor sends signals to a central processing unit or counting device, which records each entry and exit.

Counting Mechanism:

The counting mechanism tallies the number of people who pass through the door using the signals received from the sensors.

Data Analysis:

The collected data is examined and stored, which gives you useful information about foot traffic patterns, peak hours, and occupancy levels.

Benefits of People Counting Systems

Benefits of People Counting Systems

Streamline security:

High-precision people counting can help improve and streamline the implementation of suitable safety precautions. In large-scale event venues and public transportation terminals such as train stations, commuter/customer safety must be guaranteed.

Improved customer service:

It helps you understand peak hours and traffic patterns, allowing businesses to better manage customer flow, reduce wait times, and improve the overall customer experience.

Visitor analytics:

The goal of data collection and analysis is to improve understanding. Retailers and event planners can use visitor analytics to better understand real-time business in physical locations and make improvements as needed.