About Us

iTOi Solutions Overview

iTOi Solutions ranks amongst the top companies globally in the fast-developing space of retail / venue customer data analytics. We’re a young and talented group of entrepreneurs and software engineers with a suite of industry leading technology solutions. We have installed thousands of sensors, tracking cumulative big data activities through vast quantities of visitors, staff and others. Our ambition is to assist businesses and organisations to utilise data and technology, in order to bolster themselves with systems that can be used to make smarter, more informed, data driven business decisions.

Specializing in the integration of data systems and technology, we are able to create unique and relevant solutions for all types of organisations. Our blue-chip customers range from pop-up stores, retail stores, shopping malls, pubs and clubs, hotels, casinos, leisure centres, factories, stadiums, banks, city councils, commercial properties and not-for-profit organisations. iTOi Solutions is a leading provider of Retail Analytics / Venue analytics, including; People counting systems, shopper tracking solutions, in-store audience measurement, Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi analytics, Facial Recognition System and demographic data, customer mobile engagement solutions, CRM database and loyalty including push message advertising & promotions, queue management, loss prevention, and product / category dwell zone interaction solutions, RFID asset tracking & managed store inventory, holograms and a series of autonomous cleaning robot working in a variety of different industries and organizations.


We are image to Intelligence Solutions

Smart solutions are at the core of all that we do at iTOi Solutions. Our main goal is finding smart ways of using technology that will help build a better tomorrow for everyone, everywhere. We collect data from a number of different sources, which then reflects through our customized dashboards and reporting. Understanding consumer behaviour plays a pivotal role within any venue or organization today. Creating increased revenue opportunity, measuring consumer behaviour within any venue environment is instrumental to building tailored strategies that grow and change with consumer demand. The typical venue owner knows purchasing behaviour through basic transactional Point of Sale (POS) data, how many people purchased, average sell price etc.., yet none of this data indicates missed opportunity or occupancy flow. Take away uncertainty and assumption by implementing data driven educated decisions for your business.

We enable our customers to act with confidence and authority using the latest in store / venue metrics to enhance their business internally and externally. Our solutions deliver unprecedented insights into every element of consumer behaviour and venue performances, providing venue operators the ability to track and measure a consumer’s complete experience from entry to exit, automatically and in real-time. Our solution assists in creating a greater transparency on business operations, staff performance and visitor trends that drive powerful real time results. Impression tools help determine what zones or in-store advertising and signage truly engage visitors and how that impacts their journey. Visitor numbers, location and customer engagement can be measured to access the success of sales and marketing campaigns; in- venue, by district, region, country and globally.


Systems Integration Expertise and Pioneering Industry Leadership

ITOI Solutions has over fifteen years of operational and research experience in applying visual and internal/external data streams. Complex algorithms recognize and interpret customers’ actions and behavior. This information is converted into insights for store and venue owners to help them understand their customers and their journeys through the duration of their visit. At ITOI Solutions, we are continually refining our products and solutions, using new hardware advances to improve accuracy; improving efficiency by reducing the quantity of hardware required; application of mobile technology; application of video technology; application of autonomous robots; integrating other data streams such as POS, credit card data, store loyalty cards, mobile and social feeds, to provide additional richness of data and therefore new insights. Global footprint: ITOI Solutions provides its clients with scalable analytics across their entire portfolio globally, providing a consistent measurement set, with the ability to drill down into the finer details in real time where KPIs have identified as positive or negative indicators.


Service Focused

Our commitment to our clients combined with our confidence in our technology and people, allows us to deliver unprecedented customer service. At iTOi Solutions, we put a massive focus on being dynamic with our customers as external and internal factors are constantly changing and evolving. With offices and teams geographically placed around Australia and offshore, we are able to service and support our customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Commitment from Leading Brands

ITOI’s high profile client portfolio of global brands base includes names such as Sony, Samsung, HP, Coca Cola, Nike, Brisbane City Council, Brisbane Parklands, Macquarie Bank, Armaguard, Lasalle, Ashemorgan, Mirvac, Pacific group, KFC, BP and Drakes Supermarkets to name a few. These credentials and ITOI’s established reputation form an excellent base from which to drive an expansion into multiple industry segments, removing barriers to adoption and providing a knowledge-base upon which to build more efficient future scaling of the business.